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Bangkok update - 23 March 2015

Dear partners and clients,

For guests flying through Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok), please be advised there is an internal refurbishment project underway to move the airline lounges into one area. As result, guests should follow the signage and directions in the airport. Suvarnabhumi Airport management have not advised a date of completion for the project but work is anticipated to last through the end 2015.

Guests travelling internationally Yellow Fever affected countries (Central or South America) are required to pass a Health Control process and be vaccinated against Yellow Fever, this area is located en-route to immigration counters. Guests originating from these countries (and flying into Bangkok from regional Asian country) will also need to make their way to this counter for the health check. Trails of Indochina highly recommend airport assistance for these guests, contact our team to ensure the service is offered to relevant bookings.

Kind regards,
Trails of Indochina


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